Structure and processes for decision making and accountability at the College.

The Council

The Council is the governing body of the College responsible for all matters concerning property and finance, administrative policy, overall strategy and any issues affecting the general welfare of the College.

All the most senior appointments within the College are ultimately made by the Council;  Chancellor, Chair of Council, the Vice-Chancellor and Deputy-Vice-Chancellor and Provost.

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The Senate

The Senate exercises full responsibility over the academic work of the College and, subject to the powers reserved to the Council by the Statutes, takes measures and acts to promote the academic work of the College both in teaching and research, and for the regulation and superintendence of the education, welfare and discipline of the students.

The Senate agrees the appointment of external examiners, new academic developments, syllabi and student numbers and revisions to the Regulations. It approves the final examination results and awards the degrees. The membership includes Deans of School and representatives of the staff and students. The Senate normally meets three times a year.

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The Vice-Chancellor’s Office

The  Vice-Chancellor is, as stated in the College’s Charter, the principal academic and administrative officer of the College – in other words, its Chief Executive Officer.

Vice-Chancellor: Dr Paul Thompson
Interim EA to the Vice-Chancellor: Eve Matthews

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost directs the academic side of the College, particularly quality and standards in teaching and learning.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost: Professor Naren Barfield
EA to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Kerry Stahly
Chief Operating Officer: Heather Akif

Directors and Deans

Chief Financial Officer: Amanda White
Director of Human Resources: Karen Ingram
Interim Director of Estates & Campus Operations: Paul Draper
Director of Research & Innovation: Dr Emma Wakelin
CIO and Director of Digital and Technical Services: Jacqui Lipinski
Director of Development & Alumni Relations: Helen Protheroe
Director of Communication & Marketing: Lorna Gozzard
Director of Academic Development: Corinne Smith
Dean, School of Architecture: Dr Adrian Lahoud
Dean, School of Communication: Kerry Curtis
Dean, School of Design: Professor Paul Anderson
Dean, School of Arts & Humanities: Professor Ken Neil