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Julia Roberts of GatenbySanderon talks to Paul Anderson, Dean of the School of Design at RCA

The School of Design engages with design on multiple levels: as a cultural and societal activity, and as an innovation process where design can deliver new products, new services and new ways of running or creating businesses – or even new ways of doing business.

The School of Design currently offers nine programmes from the highly conceptual to the deeply practical, with a strong culture of innovation, experimentation and debate. The School is currently undergoing a period of strategic expansion that will see the development of a number of new pathways or programmes directly linked and underpinned by advanced design-led research themes seeking out new approaches to sustainable business practice, service delivery and transformational innovation. This will result in enhancing and growing our research expertise, our postgraduate research community and will establish new technology footprints that address multi-disciplinary opportunities across many business sectors investigating societal, cultural, economic and global challenges.

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