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Central to the vision of the School of Communication is a question that grounds our practices, methods, values and priorities: What does it mean to be human? Never has this question been more pertinent, poignant, painful, expressive and celebratory. Nor has the work of communication practitioners and researchers been more relevant in the context of pervasive inequalities, environmental crisis and systemic injustices.

Our School has a pluralistic outlook, a passion for education as a mutual benefit, and a shared belief in the potential of art, design and media to help better understand and positively change the terms and narratives of contemporary communication.

At the core of our mission is the question ‘what does it mean to be human?

This question situates creative, critical and intercultural communication at the centre of contemporary global challenges, rising societal inequalities and increasingly inter-connected communities.

It emphasises the crucial role of communication in raising visibility of the key issues of our time, in amplifying marginalised voices, knowledges and connecting people and organisations to support positive change; creating inclusive environments; exploring and sharing visions for more just and caring futures.

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